Wednesday, February 25, 2009

...and I'm back.

Ive thought about coming back so much over the past year and lately its been on my mind to start up again. It seems that so much has happened in the past year and found so many new friends and new hobbies. I will start with this:

In August we met a couple at a Rancid show from our hometown that are in a car club. We have since joined it and bought a car. I cant tell you how much fun we have had in the past months. We have met so many new and interesting people at drag races and car shows. Car culture is a crazy thing, at least it is here in the south.

I have been knitting too, not as much as before the car club though. In the next few days I will start taking more pictures of it and uploading it to Rav and here. I really want to get back to blogging because I feel now more than ever I have something to say.

If you are curious about what Ive done, I have literally hundreds of pictures on Flickr to show you. Including a brand spanking new tattoo. I ended my year last time with a tattoo and its only fitting I start a new blogging year by showing you my newest one. Its a week old and this tattoo means a whole lot to me.
New tattoo
Just click on it to get the full description.

I also plan on doing some sewing with some kick ass vintage patterns Ive been collecting. I'm still making up my mind about it though.
Simplicity 4237
View 3 would be the one I would make...or maybe this dress?
That's it for now...and hopefully it wont be another year before you hear from me again.


Viva Scrapper! said...

what club?

Theresa said...

Love the tat and the patterns - have you made any of the patterns yet?

Sunshyne said...

Ah, yes.. I feel exactly the same as you and have also started blogging again. I LOVE the new tattoo and the vintage patterns are wonderful!