Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scrooge you!

I am officially tired of Christmas. It sucks big hairy donkey dick. No money + obnoxious in laws = sucky ass time.

I never celebrated Christmas until I was 23, when Brody was born. I grew up a JW and escaped in 1997. My first Christmas with the Randy was really different though and I went all out. I decorated that damn tree 3 different times to get it just right and I think I burnt myself out. We hate putting up a tree and if we wanted to be scrooge-parents we wouldn't put up one ever. But, I want my kids to enjoy Christmas because after all, I never got that as a kid. Having a 2 year old and a kitten this Christmas means your ornaments do not stay on the tree and you tend to find a kitten at the top every now and then. To be honest, this does not stress me out because again, I don't care about how perfect the tree is. I actually love it because I know one day when the kids are grown and we have the perfect tree I will be missing these days.

On another note, we had to take family pictures last night. Lets just say that we will probably wait another 5 years to take family pics again. Jbean wouldn't stay still, the middle wouldn't smile, and the oldest knocked down the background. Yeah, good times. This goes under the obnoxious in laws category because she won a gift certificate and made us go and use it before the end of the year. I think we will be lucky to get one good picture. I know that we will look back and laugh and be happy that we did it but right now its all too fresh in our minds. haha

In music news, when we go to San Fran next week (OMG THATS NEXT WEEK!) we are going to try to see Rev Horton Heat and Nashville Pussy. I think we might be taking the couple that is going with us but lets just say that they are NOT the type to go to these types of shows. (READ: Not punk at all) This should be interesting, very interesting. We also just found out that Tiger Army is coming to Tulsa in Feb and we are totally stoked about this. This is the most listened to band in our house at the moment. (although Beat on the Brat by the Ramones is a close second. There is nothing like your 5 yr old singing along with this song, indoctrination has begun.)

I also just wanted to say thanks for your comments in the last post and we are doing much better now. I officially changed my birthday to the next day and was a much better day. I also made sure to check out my other kitties and they are all healthy so that makes it a bit better.

I leave you with a pic of my latest finished object this is after all a knitting blog right? It only took me 5 days and I really liked making this. I will venture out into other lace projects now. I hope to post one more time before Scroogemas but if not, Happy fucking Holidays! :)
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Jana said...

Holy crap I can't believe Nashville Pussy is still around. I think I last saw them at Sleazefest in NC in a year that I know started with 199-? Wow. And I'm a loser who has never seen the Reverend :( Sounds like a good show though, enjoy!