Thursday, November 29, 2007

belated Thanksgiving

Even though Thanksgiving was last week, I am going to say that I am very thankful for my family and our health. I think someone else is thankful too.

This is Harp. I found her in the grocery store (Harp's) parking lot last Monday. She was almost ran over by a little old lady who had stopped in the middle of the parking lot and the kitten was panicky and climbing up into this lady's undercarriage of her car. I had both kids and Clay was already in the car when I wheeled my cart with Jbean over to her and laid on the ground to fish this cat out of her car. The little old lady said "Honey she's gonna scratch you." Haha uh yeah. So I wheeled Jbean, holding this kitty over to my car wondering how in the hell I was going to put Jbean in the car and not freak out this cat. I knew if I let her go she would run and get seriously hurt. At this point Harp was growling and hissing like a feral cat and I knew she was freaked out. Thankfully this other lady who saw me helped put Jbean in the car and was looking for a blanket to put the kitten in. I found a t shirt in the trunk and wrapped her in it only to be bitten by her. She wasn't letting go either and I knew I was in for a ride. We rode home with the middle telling Jbean to be quiet because we need to "whhhhiiiissssper." It was pretty comical, only I would be put in this situation.

I put her in our large dog cage and fed her. She was mean and would hiss and spit when I would enter the room and I was grateful for the leather gloves that were too small for Randy. I only had scoopable litter to put in the box and she proceeded to splash her water everywhere and water and scoopable litter only makes cement. (Randy that might be a cheaper alternative to concrete for your jobs.) The next morning I called my vet and the humane society to find out what in the world to do with her. My vet urged me to have her rabies tested which the only way to do that is to put her down and chop off her head and send it to the health dept. Well, I just couldn't do this. So I talked to a very nice man at the humane society officially advised me to get her rabies tested because she was wild and bit me. UNOFFICIALLY he told me how to tame her. I took his advice and later that afternoon bought some tuna. I soon had her in my lap (with gloves on mind you) and was feeding her tuna and cleaning her cement out of her fur and paws. It turns out that her mom must have cleaned her a lot because she just loved me cleaning her and after feeling a little bit more secure started purring. She was injured (she had hair missing and her back legs didn't work very well) and I was worried but with good food and a warm bed she has been healing very fast. It took her a few days to not hiss at you and she is now a normal kitty running around tormenting the dogs and trying to be friends with my other kitties.

She's turned into quite a sweet kitty that wants to be in the same room all the time. I am just very thankful that she is ok, and to Randy for not griping too much about cat #4, yes we have 4.


Alice @ said...

She is darling, I have a total weakness for cats too. You did such a great thing by taking her in, I am sure the grocery store parking lot isn't such a good place for kittens... :-/

Jana said...

Hey you! Bloglines lost your blog for me somewhere and I just happened to be stalking people on Ravelry and here you are! Hope you are good, happy belated turkey day! The kitten is adorable, and so lucky to have someone so patient to take care of her!