Saturday, October 20, 2007

Anthony Fucking Bourdain

Ok, I'm just going to jump back in here like I haven't been gone for a month, K?

A lot of you don't know, ok all of you don't know that Randy and I are huge foodies. I guess you could credit my mother for a lot of this because she was always introducing new and foreign foods to us when in the south most parents don't. My mother was born and raised on the east coast and actually traveled and lived in a few countries. (I was almost born in Greece...mmmm Greek food) Anyway she always liked to make her own yogurt or grow her own sprouts, not to mention the Tabbouleh that she would make. We were NEVER allowed to say Yuck and my friends that came over were never allowed to say it either. So this instilled in me a love of food from different places and an appreciation for different cultures.

It really should come as no surprise that I like cooking shows and especially travel cooking shows. Enter Anthony Bourdain. We have been watching him for a while now and when I found out that our local library was doing a lecture/book signing I jumped at the chance to meet him and Randy quickly called up the in laws for babysitters. He was fun to listen to and one of my favorite quotes from the night was "Rachael Ray, $40 a day? Tip bitch!"

Before the lecture started they gave you a post it note and a number (25) to write what you wanted him to write in your book. Ok, this is beyond lame. I really don't get the post it note, I mean people were writing full fledged paragraphs for him to write in his book. He doesn't know you, he doesn't care about Jodi who couldn't be there because she was sick. One guy in line before us actually put "Jodi, missed you being here, Tony Bourdain, 10/19/07." I mean HE SIGNED ANTHONY BOURDAINS NAME TO THE GODDAMN POST IT NOTE! Come on people! Early on I decided that I dint want to leave the post it note blank but put something on there that was a tad different than most. My post it note read "Your Fucking Name." I dint want a long paragraph about how he missed me or anything else. I just wanted him to sign my book. So I get up there and he is having trouble reading the note and so I tell him that it says your fucking name. He looks at me like, huh? Did you just say what I think you said? Then he comments on my jacket, (The Social Distortion one) and says that they are a great band. He then signs my book. I am going to have a hard time showing the in-laws this one. I mean how am I gonna explain this to my MIL? eh, who cares? haha

In music news, the Koffin Kats came to Fayetteville which is a huge deal because NO ONE comes to Fayetteville, AR. (I do mean no one, at least anybody I want to see) They are AWESOME guys and a great band. They can put on one helluva show and like to hang out and meet you. A lot of punk type bands are like this anyway but they were extra cute. (shhh don't tell Randy)

In other news, I have been knitting and sewing like a fiend. I will show you more later. JBean turned 2 and knew exactly what she was doing when she had to blow out those candles.

Like her bling? She is SUCH a girl!