Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Knitting brothel

I have to admit that I am a whore. A knitting whore that is. I am among the crowd that has a lot more projects than I have admitted to on Ravelry. I think I start a new one every week, or I at least fantasize about them that much. My problem isn't just knitting either, I also have the bi sewing thing going on. I'm not sure what my orientation is and I'm still figuring it out. (not to mention that I got a part time job at a fabric store and its like a sex addict getting a job at an Adult movie store) Since this is mainly a knitting blog, I'm not going to admit all of my sewing projects yet. I'm not quite ready to come out of the closet so to speak.

Anyway this post is about all of my neglected projects and I will start off with my favorite one yet. Its a remake of this sweater. Isn't she lovely, the sweater I mean. I am writing a pattern for it and I am making it out of some DK merino/alpaca/silk yarn in black. I am almost finished with the right front and I really hope this one works out.

Next up is

The Back to School U Neck vest is almost done. Its a lot further along than in this pic. I really liked this one and its made out of Tahki Donegal Tweed that I bought at a garage sale last year.

Next up we have

Vintage pattern for a sweater for the husband. Its made out of Rowan wool cotton which is probably my favorite yarn at the moment. See that slit in the front there? Its going to be a pocket. I love this simple pattern, it seems like some vintage patterns contain no fluff and they are very easy to navigate. I am making the sweater on the right, with that burnt orange as the body and a navy blue for the sleeves. Its almost his school colors (OSU orange and black) but we wont tell him that. wink wink

Next up is The tangled yoke cardigan by Eunny. I have a few more inches knitted on this one too and I am loving this Felted Tweed. I really cannot wait to get into the meat of this project (the cable) it is going to be a great learning experience.

Next up is

a simple little scarf for Jbean. Its made out of yarn that I thrifted at a church yard sale for 50 cents. Its that mango silk yarn. I'm sure she will like it, she loves any accessories right now.

Thanks for staying on till the end, and I have to admit that this STILL isn't all of them. I have another couple ok, maybe 3 more. I will just have to save them for later. For now, I will leave you with our little football player. He begged for 2 years to play and we finally relented this year. They have played 2 games and even though he is the smallest on his team, he can block like nobodies business.