Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beast of Burden

You ever have one of those O Shit moments? I have a lot of them, o shit I am screwing up my children, o shit I just bounced a check or maybe 2, o shit I'm late for work. You know what I'm talking about, the moments where your heart just sinks and you know that you are doomed. It seems lately that I have not only been having those in "normal" life but in "knitting" life as well. Many of you may remember this moment earlier in the summer. It seems like my knitting this summer was just way off and I don't trust anything that comes off my needles anymore. So it was no surprise last night at O about 4 am that I realized that O shit the streetlight has gone out (it wasn't blaring in my eyes, I must change sides of the bed with the husbeast) and that O shit that freaking sweater that I am knitting for my sister in law is going to be too small and I am on the sleeves already. The sweater that just wont get gauge, wont look right, wont be right at all. I haven't told you all about it because all of my plans for telling you went right out the door last week and weekend because my family was possessed by a puking alien virus. ANYWAY, back to the point. I finally made a decision that before I knit any more on it I am going to block a portion of this god forsaken sweater to see if it will stretch out. (What made me think that I could knit a sweater for a someone else if I cant even knit one that fits me?) Here she is blocking and I measured and then measured again. It has seemed to stretch and it looks like it will fit a normal sized woman and not a 2 year old. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off and I can now stop freaking out about 1 thing in my life. Now onto trying to not screw up the kids too bad.

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stefanie said...

found you! I hope things start to get better. I"m sure things have been stressed at your house with Randy's leg and your new job. I'm sorry we haven't been talking much. I guess we have both been super busy.